Linda Ann T

Kathy Jenkins lives up to her established ‘preferred brokers’ name. Please hire Kathy for any of your real estate needs! She maintains a high professional profile, while staying fine-tuned to every aspect of your ‘move.’ Kathy’s high expertise in the field of real estate, allows her to use a motto your home will sell in: ’45-days or less, guaranteed’ (with a few exceptions). She hits the mark with pride! Kathy comes to you with excellent coordinating skills, getting your move to flow easily, and flawlessly. She maintains ongoing, and close communications with her clients throughout all real estate transactions. Her heart strongly reflects in all her work. Kathy truly and deeply cares her clients are ‘happy campers’. This is from initial start to grand finale: your sold home. She will customize your move unique to you! She’s done just that for me 4x now, over a duration of sixteen-years! I always call upon Kathy’s royal, real estate services each time needed. She’ll delightfully set the crown on your head, making you feel like you’re the king or queen, as you give up your castle for another. Give Kathy a call, she’ll make you stand straight, proud, and tall, just like you’re the one walking on the ‘red carpet’ to your new home.

— Linda Ann T